E-FLEX elbow connector completely solves the vibratory 
directional problem at the pumps or any other location where 
the piping must make a right angle turn as it leaves the 
equipment.The E-FLEX neoprene elbow accepts motion in all 
modes without difficulty as the sphere is at the curvature of the 
connector and the flow through length is even longer than the 
twin sphere.Rather than taking additional space or using
additional fittings, the elbow joint actually substitutes for the 
cast welded elbow that would ordinarily have to be used 
anyway.The cost of E-FLEX rubber bellow is comparable to the
steel it replaces and certainly less than the cost of a steel 
elbow plus a straight line connector.When E-FLEX rubber 
elbows are used the pump foundation need no longer be made 
large enough to support the base elbows and this reduces the
cost of the foundation.Because the piping must be properly 
supported from above rather than rest on the pump 
foundation,there is better chance that the pump foundation can 
operate properly.The reduced foundation weight is often
important in lightweight equipment rooms as well.
OPERATING CONDITIONS : ( 32mm – 300mm ) Operating Pressures Temperatures
Operating Pressure  : 15 kg/cm2 ( 214 psi ) 80oC 85oC 90oC 95oC 100oC 105oC
Burst Pressure         : 60 kg/cm2 ( 850 psi ) 214 Psi 200 Psi 180 Psi 150 Psi 145 Psi 125 Psi
Vacuum Rating        : 750 mm/hg
Temperature            : -10oC to 105oC
Fluids                        : Water,Hot Water,Sea Water,Fluids,Weak Acids,Compressed Air.